Thank You!

The Larger Group

Whose Time, Talents, Support and Generosity
Remains a Strong Part of The Foundation for

Who are these fine men and women? The ‘Larger Group’? They are YOU!IMG_0842c

Over years ICGU has collectively built and grown many good friendships. Relationships that bridge all barriers and faiths, relationships with many very special individuals – leaders from the a wide variety of caring professions – talented, smart, caring, giving, people – from all walks of life, from all faiths – with a wide variety of beliefs.

DSCF1433  DSCF1319   DSCF1112
See if you can find yourself, or someone you know, in our growing collection of photographs from our events and luncheons. Over years, members have been a part of so many community activities, efforts, events – here are just a few sponsored by ICGU collectively or by one of its member groups, temples, churches, mosques, or organizations in the Utica Area.
Thank You!
Thank YOU each so very much for all your participation and efforts over the years – literally, we could not have done it without YOU.
Our pictures are limited – send us yours!
Here are a few↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓Here are a few

Send Us Your Pics!

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