ICGU Monthly Luncheons & Events

A look back at our years of monthly luncheons and other events.

Previous Interfaith Luncheons

October 2012 through Present.

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Early meetings – which began late in 2012 were held at the Moose River Restaurant at the Holiday Inn on Burrstone Rd in Utica.

Perhaps as many as four before participating congregation leaders agreed to begin hosting the lunches in rotation – each at their own church, temple, mosque…the very first one being at the Bosnian Islamic Communities Court Street Mosque. The Imam there, Semsudin Imanovic was a strong member of the early core group before organized into a board of directors and moved on to NYC.

Images from most of these luncheons and events, and additional details from them will soon be added to the website. Your images or memories are welcome to be included.

2012 Oct, Nov, Dec– Moose River Restaurant – hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

1/23/13 Bosnian Islamic Court Street Mosque – Imam Semsudin Imanovic and Bosnian Community DSCF1147.JPG

2/27/13 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Dallas Jones, Bob Malczyk, Jerry LombardoDSCF1124.JPG

4/3/13 St. Margaret’s House – Deacon Barbara Groves

5/8/13 St. Luke’s Hospital – Deacon Paul Lehmann

6/5/13 Tabernacle Baptist Church – Rev. Mark Caruanatbc.jpg

7/10/13 Lutheran Care – Rev. Brian McCaffrey

10/2/13 Westminster Presbyterian Church– Rev. Bob Umidichurch-front

10/16/13 Temple Emanu El – Rabbi Cassi Kail

12/4/13 Hamilton College – Rev. Jeff McArn – Chaplainimages2

1/8/14 First Presbyterian Church– Rev. Jeanne Kumbalek

2/5/14 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church – Father Joe SalernoDSCF0482.JPG

3/5/14 Jewish Community Center – Victor Pearlman

4/2/14 New Hartford Hospice and Palliative Care – Rev. Jill Farnham Us – Chaplain

5/7/14 Hope House – Tom Labayewski

6/4/14 Grace Episcopal Church – Deacon Barbara Groves & Father Leon C. Mozeliak, Jr., D. Min., M.Div., Exec. M.B.A.DSCF0842.JPG

7/2/14 Mohawk Valley Refugee Center – Shelly Callahan

9/10/14 The Good News Foundation – Mike Buckleygood news

10/1/14 St. Elizabeth’s Hospital – Deacon Paul Lehmann

11/5/14 Hamilton College – Rev. Jeff McArn and Brent Plate

12/3/15 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – Bob Malczyk, Jerry Lombardo

1/7/15 Westminster (Presbyterian) Moriah Olivet Church – Rev. Bob Umidi

2/4/153/4/15 4/15/15 Whitesboro/Oriskany Presbyterian Churches – Rev. Roger Williams and Myra Kazanjian

3/4/15 Unitarian Universalist Church– Rev. Eve Stevens

4/15/15 St Joseph’s and St Patrick’s Catholic Church & Mother Maryanne’s Kitchen – Father Dellos

5/13/15 Utica Rescue Mission – Rev. Jim Haid

7/1/15 Utica Zoo – Andria Heath

9/2/15 Center For Family Life & Recovery – Judith Reilly

10/7/15 Boy Scouts of America – Steve McEwan, Tom Labayoski

11/4/15 No luncheon

11/19/15 Expressions of Gratitude –ICGU at RCIL

12/2/15 Happy Holidays – No December Luncheon

12/23/15 ICGU – Interfaith Service- Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees

1/6/16 The Good News Center – Mike Buckley

2/3/16 Elihu Root Army Reserve Center – Lt Col James Fuhriman

3/2/16 –American BH Islamic Center of Utica – Imam Ahmedin Mehmedovic

4/6/16 CNY Veteran’s Outreach Center – Vincent Scalise