Our Gathering at Samaritan Counseling Center


We gathered at Samaritan Center for July and what an amazing day it was … here are some pictures from the day. Thanks to all who worked to make the day just picture perfect -it is easy to list the many reasons one might be grateful to God on these kinds of days and we thank Father Paul Drobin for doing just that as he blessed the delicious food and offered a prayer of thanks to God before we shared the meal. See you all next month. I can already imagine the smell of the hamburgers and hot dogs and smile as I recognize the warm spirit each of our luncheons has been blessed with – we invite you to come and experience one for yourself. Bring a friend. Drop us a note to get on the invitation list.


Our Ramadan Gathering at Bosnian Islamic Mosque on Court Street

We had a very special night as [Imam] Amsal taught about Islam, Ramadan, – then we prayed – after which we all gathered for the most amazing feast … [Imam] Ahmedin -and the families from the Kossuth Street Mosque were there as well and collectively were the most humble and gracious hosts – it was like a huge family Sunday dinner from my childhood. It was just the greatest night. The Mayor of Utica stopped by with some friends -Michael Arcuri , Sonny Greco -others I don’t know – the pictures speak for themselves -it was the perfect interfaith gathering and celebration of Ramadan… as you can see from the pictures.

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